Building teamwork for effective communication and performance

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How Does This Happen?

  • Introduction/Agenda/Goals-10

  • Ice Breaker -5

  • True Colors History -15

  • Determining Your True Colors-20

  • Describing Colors Attributes -25

  • Break-10

  • Small Group Exercise-Same Colors-40

  • True Colors Video-15

  • Problem Solving Issues Brainstorm-25 (optional)

  • Break-5

  • Blended Colors Small Group Exercise - Problem solving or fun mixed group exercise (design ideal restaurant, vacation resort, office, etc.)
  • Closing Comments -10


True Colors is perfect for Team Building and Retreats. The optimum workshop length is a half day (see description below) but workshops can also be shorter in length if 3-4 hours are not available. A Standard Agenda is displayed below.

These workshops, which last between 3 1/2 and 4 hours, offer a significant team building component as well as maximum time to learn and process the information. The workshop includes true colors history, determining participants’ true colors, an explanation of what the different personality styles/colors represent, two small group exercises, final comments and a lot of fun. There are general goals for the workshop but more specific ones to meet organizational needs can also be developed. The small groups can be generic that are designed to enhance the learning process or can be set up to address a specific agency need. 


Workshops can also be provided for shorter periods of time with the minimum length needed being between 2 & 2 1/2 hours. In these instances, the participants still receive true colors history, the development and explanation of their True Colors, one small group exercise and some fun. The small group can again be generic or designed to meet a specific agency need. The goals are similar to those for the longer workshop except the participants will not have as much time for team building or to develop a more comprehensive understanding of the differences between the colors.

Whether a half day workshop or a shorter presentation, I will work with the agency to design something that best meets their needs/interests and to enhance the learning. I guarantee that insight into oneself and others as well as a enjoyable/fun experience will occur.