Building teamwork for effective communication and performance

Our staff was fascinated by True Colors and learned to have a greater appreciation for each other and our unique talents, strengths, and differences.  True Colors gave us a common language and promoted more cooperation among staff.”

Sue Zasadil, L.P.C
Assistant Chief Operating Officer
South County Operations
Larimer Center for Mental Health

I had been to a true colors workshop before and didn’t really expect much when I went the second time.  But Les did a great job engaging the entire staff and bringing new insights.  The day was fun and productive. I highly recommend Les Rudner and true colors.

Christopher Gastelle
Chief Probation Officer
11th Judicial District
Canon City, CO

The True Colors system provides a simple format for you to identify yourself and your colleagues in terms of your strengths and your challenges.

Les’ customization and delivery of the training to your organization’s situation brings it all home and allows you to outline more efficient or effective ways to get things done.

We have all been to trainings that were interesting and appeared relevant during the training, but whose message was quickly lost in the shuffle of our day-to-day schedules after returning to work. The True Colors training that Les led us through has lived on in office conversation and professional planning for months afterwards. This has been a great tool for us!

Stephanie Farrell, MPA, CAC III
Clinical Director
Rocky Mountain Offender Management Systems

Satisfied Customers

Mr. Rudner is a great instructor. He brought humor and insight to the training and tailored the presentation to meet my staff’s needs. The staff members were pleasantly surprised at how much they enjoyed the presentation and commented that True Colors was very beneficial to them. We continue to use True Colors in our daily interactions at the office.

Dee Colombini
Connections Mental Health Services Coordinator
Health District of Northern Larimer County

I would heartily recommend Les Rudner's workshop on True Colors.  He offers an engaging, interactive and energetic approach to understanding about ourselves and how that impacts our personal and professional relationships.  I was fortunate to not only be a participant but to observe other groups in a series of workshops that Les conducted and was amazed at the ability Les has to "read" the groups and draw out the best from each.  Reviews of his workshops were outstanding and I would not hesitate to endorse Les Rudner.  In fact, I'm anxious to invite him back to my organization."

Mary Kanan  JD
State of Colorado Department of Corrections
Assistant Director
Adult Parole, Community Corrections and the Youthful Offender System

Our staff really enjoyed the training. Several staff members were already trying to think of ways to incorporate the information. All the surveys rated the training as excellent.  Our managers are using the information daily!

I found the training valuable and I will recommend you to anyone I know who is interested in this training.

Thanks for everything. I will let you know if we need another training in our agency.

Kelly Sengenberer
Executive Director
Intervention Inc

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Customer comments about Les Rudner and True Colors

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I have conducted over 35 workshops. Here is a list of some of the agencies/businesses I have worked with as well as some comments from a few of the participants.
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