Building teamwork for effective communication and performance

Why is this Valuable?

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What will the Participants get out of a True Colors workshop?

  • An understanding of their True Color spectrum and what it means

  • A sound comprehension of their Primary personality style and how to best understand and interact with other styles

  • An appreciation for strengths and deficits/stressors of their own Primary Color as well an appreciation of co-worker attributes

  • Building blocks for effective team work and staff productivity

  • A useful and fun experience that has utility in many settings
Why is True Colors valuable?

  • It creates appreciation and understanding of our own gifts/attributes and those of others

  • It is strength based and designed to build collaboration and more effective communication between all personnel

  • It identifies areas for growth that can be strengthened to make us and organizations more well rounded and effective

  • It is energizing, interactive, and fun